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Local Knowledge

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Paul J. Gallagher, Sr. has been leading the way in Renewable Energy in South Jersey since 2002.  As a Project Manager, a Developer and a Consultant, Paul has been involved in many of the major renewable initiatives in New Jersey.

Philadelphia Inquirer

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As a Co-Founder of Fishermen's Energy and the COO and General Counsel of Fishermen's Atlantic City Windfarm,  which became  Nautilus Offshore Wind, Paul has for the past decade been involved in almost every planning and development aspect from generation to interconnection of these trailblazing projects which opened the pathway for our clean energy future. 


Organized Labor, Supply Chain Vendors and Port Managers must  start planning now for the training, infrastructure and logistics which will be required to prepare for this new industry.

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Since 2002, working with elected officials, community leaders, environmental groups, commercial fishermen and other stakeholders, Paul helped lead solar and wind projects, onshore and offshore, through their planning and permitting review process on the local, state and federal level.

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